You couldn’t ask for a nicer place than Lake Allatoona for rest and recreation … or an exciting day on the lake.

Click on the links below for more information about all that is offered on Allatoona Lake!

 •  Mountain Biking

 •  Birding

 •  Fishing

 •  Hiking

 •  Hunting or

 •  Sailing.

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WARNING:  After visiting Lake Allatoona, some people experience withdrawal symptoms.  These conditions can be minimized by planning return trips, prior to departure.  Permanent cures have been reported by those who purchase vacation homes near the lake.

If conditions persist, please do not return to Lake Allatoona alone.  You are advised to invite your family, neighbors, co-workers and — if necessary — total strangers to accompany you.  Just in case you get too happy and have no one to share your joy with.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.