No one seems to know why or how the City of Woodstock, Georgia, was given its name back in the 1830s.  Some say Sir Walter Scott’s book, Woodstock, was the source.  If guesses are allowed, let’s pretend it was named after the Woodstock Music and Art Fair held on Max Yasger’s farm in 1973.

Here’s what the State of Georgia says about the history of Woodstock:

In November 1879, the railroad came to Woodstock, and industries of various kinds sprung up quickly in the city.  Wood carving, yarn spinning and mineral extraction all played a part in the local economy.  The abundance of water power around Woodstock from Little River, Noonday Creek, and other streams fueled this industrial growth.  Outside these industries, Woodstock mainly cultivated its farmers.  By the 1890s Woodstock shipped some 2,000 bales of cotton annually.

Business and pleasure are booming in the City of Woodstock these days.  You can find your place on nearby Lake Allatoona or find all kinds of fun in Atlanta.  Your best option?  Staying in Woodstock .. for a weekend or the rest of your life.

Our friends with Explore Georgia say:

Woodstock’s friendly appeal is explained in this slogan: Where yesterday lives and tomorrow waits.  In the heart of the commercial district, brick sidewalks and 19th-century buildings provide visitors with a pedestrian-friendly environment in which to shop and sightsee.  Stop by the visitors center at Dean’s Store and have a look at old photos and items from the past.

Woodstock has a vibrant downtown, which is home to one-of-a-kind dining and shopping experiences.  In the historic setting of downtown, you will find more than 30 unique locally owned shops and many great deals.

The City of Woodstock is the place where dreams are made and dreams come true.

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