Fishing on Lake Allatoona

Fishing on Lake Allatoona can be a relaxing respite or an exciting adventure.

You only need a powerful boat, water skis, a crazy loud stereo, pretty girls/dudes and …  No, wait.  That’s water skiing.  Sorry.

To go fishing all you need is Lake Allatoona, a modest fishing pole, a worm and somebody who will bait your hook and take the fish off your hook when you land The Big Ones.

Yes, you might need a license too.

Who needs a fishing license?

  • Anyone age 16 and older must have a current Georgia fishing license in their possession while fishing in Georgia.  Rangers may also require identification when checking fishing licenses.

When do licenses expire?

  • Recreational fishing and hunting licenses are valid for one full year (12 months) from the purchase date.  Two-year licenses are valid for (surprise!) two full years (24 months) from the day they are purchased.

Can I purchase fishing and hunting licenses online?

  • Yes!  The cost of hunting and fishing licenses varies, depending on age and residency.  The link below will provide all the information you’ll need.

Have a good time fishing on Lake Allatoona!  (Please leave a few lunkers for the rest of us.)