Picnic Shelter Information

Where is the perfect place to get together for a child’s birthday celebration or a family reunion?  At Lake Allatoona!  Here’s all the picnic shelter information you’ll need to reserve your favorite spot.

Lake Allatoona is the perfect spot for the perfect picnic. ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Think about it.  There’s plenty of parking in a secure location — where there isn’t much for kids to break.  Not that the little angels would ever break anything — by accident.

Sure, they might ask to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s instead.  Sounds like a great idea, until you Google “brawls at Chuck E Cheese’s.”

After that, it’s “Let’s rent a picnic shelter at Allatoona!”

After you arrive and before you give thanks for your kids and the food that is about to be devoured (or thrown at the innocent), please remember unfortunate Americans who live in boring states, such as Delaware (where the highest hill is 442 feet high) or one of the flat, square ones in the middle that are filled with corn.

It’s okay to share pictures of the beauty of our area with out-of-state relatives, but try not to hurt their feelings.  They can’t help living somewhere that’s so awful by comparison.

All shelters have dedicated grills, electrical outlets, lights, water fountains and water spigots. Restroom facilities are located nearby all shelters.

For picnic shelter capacity, rates and reservations click on the link below.

Picnic Shelter Information at Allatoona Lake