Updated: July 4th 2020 & Independence Day Fireworks in N. Georgia

God bless America! We might be a little less “indivisible” than last year, but we’ve survived worse seasons in the United States of America. Perhaps joining our neighbors on the 4th of July 2020 for fireworks will help. We updated this list on July 1st.  The weather forecasts are calling for stormy weather, so hit the links for updated information. July 4, 2020 conveniently lands on a Saturday. Most locations have cancelled Independence Day fireworks, but not them all! We’ll keep updating this list of links to fireworks displays. So, check back to see what’s happening with the weather, social distancing and whatever the heck might discombobulate us all next. ** Updated on July 1, 2020 Independence Day 2020 Fireworks Displays in North Georgia This is America, land of the free. You are free to drink and drive, if you choose. If you do, many of us will hope you will be stopped, arrested, lose your license and, if your actions hurt others, that you go to jail. We’d prefer that you not endanger others by drinking and driving. It’s just not worth the cost. Happy 4th of July!!