Learn to Identify Edible and Medicinal Plants at Red Top Mountain

You’re alone in the forest.  You’re fighting off fear.  You’re hungry and thirsty.  Could you identify edible and medicinal plants along your path?  Or would you have to stroll back to your car to eat?

Is this dead branch in the desert edible?

The friendly Rangers at Red Top Mountain at Lake Allatoona can teach you the difference between a dead branch in the desert and ripe blackberries!

That one lesson can keep you from starving, (unless you have a few Cheeto remnants in your pack).  And that’s not all.  They’ll also teach you the difference between edible and what might keep you alive.

Here’s what the Rangers say you can expect on Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 8 AM until 11 AM:

Come learn about local plants, and how they have traditionally been used for food or medicine!  This Ranger-led walk will be along the gently-hilled Iron Hill Trail.

We will be collecting trash along the way! Program may be cancelled for inclement weather.

Look on the bright side.  If you can’t find any hamburger bushes or Cobb salad hedges, you will probably be more likely to take more good food with you on your next hike.

The Iron Hill Trail is a four-mile loop shared by hikers and bike riders.  Which is like saying “America is shared by Democrats and Republicans.”  Please be watchful for one another.

After the opportunity to learn identify edible and medicinal plants at Red Top Mountain, spend a day or a few weeks exploring the remainder of this wonder-full park.

This popular park on Lake Allatoona is ideal for swimming, water skiing and fishing.  Visitors can bring their own boats or rent from nearby marinas.  A sand swimming beach is nestled in a cove and surrounded by trees, providing a great place to cool off during summer.  Guests often stay overnight in rental cottages, a spacious campground, or the park’s lakeside yurt.

Learn to Identify Edible and Medicinal Plants at Red Top Mountain