Boat Rentals on Lake Allatoona

Would you like to cruise Lake Allatoona … but you don’t have a boat?  No worries!

There are several reputable places on the lake that will rent you a slick ski boat, a powerful Personal Water Craft or a pontoon/party boat.  (Please note: Pontoon/party boats come with all necessary amenities, but you must supply the party.)

For those who prefer to have someone else Captain a cruise, you can charter a pontoon boat.  There’s room enough for up to 20 people (fewer if your friends and family are as rotund as this writer).  Cruise for a few hours or an entire day.  Grill some steaks and watch the kids play on the water slide.

There’s only one way to get to know Lake Allatoona — on a boat.

Live it up.  Spend a day on Lake Allatoona.

Where to Rent a Boat on Lake Allatoona