April 18 Aboard First Bite…..

Today I got to fish with the guys ( Chad, John, David and Pete ) of Complete Roofing Systems. These guys work 12 hour days 6 days a week and really needed to take a day off and enjoy themselves. I have had many roofing company’s fish with me over the years but none of them compare to these guys. I think their phones must have rang 20 plus times while we where fishing. Most contractors would have turn their phones off and call the clients back on Monday but not these guys. These guys believe business first everything else comes second. These guys where a blast to fish with. I think I enjoyed this trip as much as they did.

If any of you had storm damage and need a professional and reliable roofing company to come inspect your roof for damage give these guys a call. They know their business and more importantly they care about their customers….

Complete Roofing Systems, Inc.
PH: 678-880-6530
Chad Conley
John Tanner

Here are a few pictures of today’s trip….