To everyone who participated, thanks for stepping-up to care for our community environment! Our JUNK registered 27.5 tons on the scales at the landfill – with additional poundage from the metal collection bin. That is a record haul for our annual Junk-Dumps and for all of the Keep Bartow Beautiful (KBB) clean-up events to date! The ACA and County, with the help of community residents and businesses, continue to move toward a cleaner, safer Allatoona Community. We continue to address an ongoing need for a community collection site to support more routine waste management for the area.

The JUNK-DUMP: On Saturday, June 13, 2009, Bartow County’s Department of Solid Waste and the Keep Bartow Beautiful program partnered with the Allatoona Community Association, Inc (ACA) to host the 5th Annual Allatoona Community Junk Dump. The ACA advertised the event through a variety of avenues including: the ACA web site ( and list serve; flyers sent home with the 535 Allatoona Elementary students and posted at area businesses; street signs; and advertisement in the Bartow Neighbor newspaper; and banners on?site at the event. The Allatoona Junk Dump was a great success – a record year!

All types of materials appeared throughout the day, with occasional vehicle and trailer traffic jams! Neighbors brought materials including: scrap metal; household trash; paint; electronics; batteries; appliances; furniture; bicycles and broken toys; trees and shrubs; boats; tires; old lumber and many other types debris. Volunteers from the Allatoona Community Association, Keep Bartow Beautiful and the Bartow County Solid Waste Department helped hundreds of participants unload vehicles and trucks – nearly once every minute -throughout the seven hour event. ACA Board members assisted residents with pick-up and transport where necessary. The Bartow County Landfill also accepted loads at no charge on the day of the event from cleanup participants. The final total of material collected at the 2009 Allatoona Junk Dump was 27.5 tons, a new record! The cleanup included 145 automobile tires and 2 tractor tires, a flatbed truck loaded with cans of paint and other potentially hazardous material and 60 cubic yards of scrap metal to be recycled into new products. A special thanks to Catherine A. Fox, Principal, FOX Environmental, LLC. and Sheri Henshaw, Coordinator Keep Bartow Beautiful, Bartow County for their support and contributions to the day.

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