Lake Allatoona and Carters Lake Fising Report for the Week of Oct 17- 23

Lake Allatoona Fishing Guides Report for striper and hybrid has been brought to you exclusively by Robert Eidson of First Bite Guide Service, 770-827-6282. [email protected]. Line side fishing is the same this week as last weeks .

Line-sides Good ! The bite this week has been very good . The stripers are starting to come back down out of the rivers and are finally starting eat. The north end of the lake is the place to be right now for Stripers, Hybrid and White Bass and Monster Catfish. The best bite right now is happening from Little River bridge up to Fields Landing. Most of our fish this week have came on jigging spoons fishing right on the bottom on the edge of the river – creek channels. Our bigger fish have came on big Thread-fin and Gizzard shad. Our live bait bite has been about 70/30 down lines out fishing free-lines. The bite may change by the weekend do to the drop of temperature we are experience right now. If the fish do move over the weekend look for them to be somewhere between Little River and Kellogg’s Creek.

The live Bait bite on Carters is Still DEAD unless your luck enough to get your hand on some Alewife. The Alewife are becoming the bait of choose for Carters lake whenit comes to stripers. We ( The Anglers ) seen this coming last year, last winter we saw a big drop off on the thread-fin Gizzard shad and even more on the trout bite. This year I have use all four baits Trout, Thread-fin, Gizzard Shad and Alewife. The only bait I am having any luck on is the Alewife. The fish have just change their diets and Alewife is the key to catching stripers on Carters if you have alive bait mine set…

The over all best bite on Carters for me the last two years has been on Umbrella Rigs.  I have caught at least 80 % of my stripers on Carters Lake the last two years on rigs….So make sure to carry your trolling gear with you if you heading to Carters Lake it may make the differnets between a good day and a bad day….To view my daily reports please visit me on Face Book under ( Lake Allatoona Fishing Guides ) for up to date reports, Pictures and Videos…..