Lodging Near Lake Allatoona

Please pretend this picture has something to do with Lodging at Lake Allatoona. Thank you and enjoy your stay.

Lake Allatoona is the perfect spot to spend a few days or the summer with friends and family.

But figuring out where to stay could give Captain America heartburn.

Relax, citizen!!!  Your superhero friends at LakeAllatoona.com have worked tirelessly for truth, justice (OK, that’s a lie) and where to stay when you visit Lake Allatoona (that’s true).

To make it easy for you, we’ve listed places to stay near the five towns closest to the lake.

Don’t worry about us sending you some place 50-miles away, where you have to dodge gunfire to make it to your room.

We cannot promise, however, that you won’t find a stray hair in a sink or a forgotten gold Rolex on the floor.

Choose wisely, citizen.

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