Wilderness Survival School at Red Top Mountain State Park

There’s more to surviving in the wilderness than being able to outrun your companions if you’re attacked by a deranged yak in the wilds of North Georgia.  (Although that tip might save your life.)

Red Top Mountain State Park in Cartersville will host a Wilderness Survival School the weekend of February 25th & 26th.  Yes, even you can learn to survive in the wilderness.  (The wilderness that is outdoors, to be exact.  You’re on your own at work and with relatives.  Sorry.)

The Southeast School of Survival has monthly training in subjects such as: shelter, fire, food, water, survival first aid, signaling, and rescue. That’s only a sample of what the Southeast School of Survival teaches in each course.

Don’t end up on a deserted island with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie without this training!

To register, visit SoutheastSchoolofSurvival.com  or call 770-406-1438.