Allatoona’s Dam Sight

open gates

Spillway gates open at Allatoona Dam in May 2013. ~~ Photograph courtesy of US Army Corps of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) has opened the spillway gates on the dam at Allatoona Lake.  Temporarily.

What a sight!

ACE says the best views are from the Allatoona Lake Project Management Office or at Coopers Furnace Day Use Park.

Heavy rains have flooded Allatoona’s shores and caused many campsites to be closed.

Things should be back to normal pretty soon — which means you’d better not dawdle if you want to experience the rare sight of torrents of water gushing over Allatoona Dam.

The Lake Allatoona Visitor Center is a fascinating place to visit anytime, but especially now.

Click on the link below for information and directions.

One more thing.  We can stop praying for rain — at least for a little while.

Click Here for Lake Allatoona Visitor Center