Find Bucky Beaver’s Treasure Chest!

The Bucky Beaver Game

The Bucky Beaver Game

Our creative friends at the Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Allatoona have come up with another clever idea.

It’s a Facebook game they call, “WHERE AT THE LAKE IS BUDDY BEAVER???”

Buddy Beaver will post a postcard on their Facebook page from somewhere at the lake.

Kids can have fun trying to figure out where Buddy is by following the clues on the postcard they’ll find on Facebook.

Here’s the best part!  There’s a Treasure Chest too!

Rangers will give just enough clues to locate the Treasure Chest.  Whoever finds it, gets to open it and KEEP one of the prizes inside!

The game will run for seven days in a row, even if the prizes run out.

If you miss a postcard from Buddy, be sure to check back because he plans on posting several postcards this year.

Be safe, have fun, and remember to always wear your life jacket when on the water!

Click Here for ACE’s Lake Allatoona Facebook Page