2013 Fishing Regulations Online

Mister Bass

Don “Mister Bass” Poole ~~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

The 2013 Georgia Sport Fishing Regulations Guide is now available online and in print, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD).

These are the official rules and regulations in Georgia — not the kind of stuff my fishing buddy, Don Poole, makes up.

I was surprised to learn that some of Don’s rules didn’t make the official list:

  1. The owner of the boat must catch more fish than passengers, unless passengers pay for gas, oil, beer, snacks and the boat owner’s mortgage.
  2. Passengers may not laugh at the boat owner if the boat owner falls into the lake after standing on a swiveling seat and stretching like a madman to retrieve a battered $1.99 lure from a high tree.
  3. Passengers may not catch more fish than boat owners.
  4. Boat owners must catch the first fish of the day.
  5. Passengers are not allowed to fish at any time when the boat owner is not totally ready to fish.
  6. Boat owners get the first cast at every stream, inlet, point, structure, ripple in the water or spot where the fish finder says there might be fish, because without the boat owner all passengers “would still be fishing in the parking lot.”
  7. Any violation of these rules means the passenger must pay for gas, oil, beer, snacks and the boat owner’s mortgage.


The official rules almost make me grateful for the government.  Almost.

“This guide is designed to help anglers find great places to fish and to educate them on Georgia’s fishing opportunities and regulations,” explains John Biagi, fisheries management chief.   “We advise new and experienced anglers alike to familiarize themselves with this publication before casting a line.”

The 2013 Georgia Sport Fishing Regulations Guide provides helpful information, including color fish identification charts for both freshwater and saltwater fish, license purchasing information, contact information for WRD fisheries management offices and WRD law enforcement offices, trout stream listings, public fishing area information, state record fish listings and complete fishing regulations for Georgia.

Pick up a printed copy at WRD fisheries management and law enforcement offices and license vendors throughout Georgia.

New information highlighted in this year’s guide includes:

  • FREE Saltwater Information Program (SIP) license required when fishing in saltwater.
  • New license: A 1-day saltwater shore-based fishing license is available. $5 for resident or non-resident.
  • Kids’ fishing opportunities.
  • Fishing Days for 2013.


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