The Moon Rocks at Tellus

The Solar System is On Display at Tellus Science Museum

The Solar System is On Display at Tellus Science Museum

Tellus — the insanely cool science museum where you actually get to play with stuff — has rocks brought back from the moon by the Apollo 15 astronauts.

Please Note:  No, you cannot play with the moon rocks.  Thank you.

This is the largest moon rock display in all of Georgia and is the centerpiece of the new Apollo exhibit that will be at Tellus, just north of Lake Allatoona in Cartersville, for the next few months.

Ever seen a NASA rocket engine?  Didn’t think so.  But now you can at Tellus, along with tools used by astronauts to bring home lunar samples.

All this, and more, is located in the Science in Motion Gallery.

From Earth to the Solar System is a collection of NASA images that showcases the excitement of planetary exploration and our journey to understand the Solar System.

The images are as beautiful and inspiring as they are informative — weaving together themes in astrobiology, planetary science and astronomy.

Looking for something to do while the kids are out of school?  This is it.

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