Gopher Tortoise Nappers Nabbed by DNR

GA WildlifeThe Law Enforcement Section of Georgia’s DNR Wildlife Resources Division had another busy week around Lake Allatoona.  An interesting one too.

How many of us can say we apprehended a gopher tortoise poacher, as our faithful Rangers did recently?  It’s a rough job, but somebody has to do it.

Rangers protect our natural resources and all the folks who enjoy them.  Part of their job, however, is to enforce the law:

  • Hunting deer out of season – McDuffie County
  • Taking a protected species (gopher tortoise), trapping with illegal devices (baited hooks) – Decatur County
  • Citation violations – several counties

The Law Enforcement Section of Wildlife Resources Division protects Georgia’s wildlife populations by enforcing laws, rules and regulations pertaining to game and nongame animals, threatened and endangered plants and animals, exotic animals, boating safety, litter and waste control, and other natural resource issues.

In addition, conservation rangers:

  • administer the state’s hunter education and boating safety programs;
  • investigate violations of wildlife laws as well as hunting and boating incidents; and
  • conduct classes and programs to educate citizens about wildlife laws and safety practices.

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