Update: Lake Lanier Hit & Run Driver Found?

Lanier052413 Incident

Georgia Department of Natural Resources spokesperson Melissa Cummings tells LakeAllatoona.com that an 18-year-old white male, accompanied by his father, went to the Hall County Detention Center to voluntarily issue a “statement of involvement” in the hit and run boating accident that happened on Lake Lanier late Friday night, May 24, 2013.

Two unidentified people — a 23-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman — were on a Sea-Doo personal watercraft that was struck by an unidentified boat.  The two victims suffered facial injuries and the woman incurred injuries to her foot and hand.

The boat that hit them left the scene of the accident.

Details are sketchy, but the young man’s father heard about the accident on the radio, noticed damage to his boat and confronted his son — who admitted to hitting something, but says he did not see or hear anything.

The unidentified young man had minor cuts on his arm.  According to the DNR, “being that he was injured … and taking on water he proceeded to the boat ramp at Old Federal Park (Hall Co) to take the boat out.”

The investigation is ongoing.  Thus far we have no news of charges being filed or arrests being made.

“You always think something else is going on if you fled the scene,” said Sgt. Mike Burgamy of the Department of Natural Resources.  “Why would you flee the scene knowing you just hit somebody and more than likely they’re going to be injured?”

We will learn many more details in the days and weeks ahead.  Lives will never be the same.

Accidents happen.  People panic.  Our first natural reaction in danger is to flee.

We understand that.

But when people are hurt in an accident, we must overcome our natural tendencies and think of others, not ourselves.

We have no idea to what degree this young man is involved.

One thing is certain. When a father perceives that his son might be in trouble, you run toward the law, not from it.

This father, in my humble opinion, did the right thing.

May more fathers help their familes do what is right … before, during or after tragedies strike.