Wanted: Camp Hosts at Red Top Mountain State Park

Wanted: Camp Hosts at Lake Allatoona's Red Top Mountain State Park

Wanted: Camp Hosts at Lake Allatoona’s Red Top Mountain State Park

When you visit state parks in Georgia, chances are the first people you see are the camp hosts.

The campground host program is one of the most popular volunteer opportunities at Georgia state parks. In exchange for a free campsite and utilities for your RV or motorhome, camp hosts serve the park and the public.  Camp hosts commit to a minimum of 2 months and up to a maximum of 6 months with a minimum of 24 hours per week per couple.

Though a host may have reached the limit of 6 months at one site, they are still able to host at other Georgia State Park(s) keeping within the 2-6 month requirement. After an assignment at a park, the minimum amount of time one must host at another site/park before returning to previously assigned park is for 3 months. Additionally, if a host has had a particular window of time assigned at one park for 3 years in a row, they must find a new window of time to serve at that same park in the future.

Individuals, couples, or even families may serve as camp hosts. Retired couples often find it an ideal way to spend a few months.

Camp Host Responsibilities

  • Provide information and explain rules and regulations to visitors
  • Assist visitors with services available
  • Collection of fees from visitors (as long as it is in compliance with authorized procedures)
  • Distribute maps and brochures to visitors
  • Perform light maintenance work around the campground such as picking up litter, cleaning and stocking restroom facilities
  • Perform emergency repairs
  • Perform emergency assistance for visitors such as unlocking gate in emergency situation, and keeping first aid kit on hand for minor cuts and abrasions
  • Help reduce litter and vandalism (mainly by your presence)
  • Gather information on use of facilities
  • Keep park staff informed of any problems
  • Work in the visitors center and retail centers
  • Perform other duties as appropriate

Click Here to Download a Volunteer Welcome Packet and Volunteer Guidelines