Apply Online for Quota Hunt Permits in Georgia

Not all game hunting  in Georgia is subject to quotas.

Not all game hunting in Georgia — for example, Jurassic World’s D-Rex Hybrid dinosaur —  is subject to quotas.

Applying for a quota hunt permit has never been easier.  You can now apply online in just minutes for deer, alligator, waterfowl, dove and many others for both children and adults, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

A quota hunt is a scheduled event at a Wildlife Management Area or other state-managed property where a limited number of hunters are allowed.

Quota hunt levels are based upon the sound principles of wildlife management and public desires for a quality hunt.  These hunts provide a challenging and rewarding experience to hunters of all levels.  Selected hunters must be properly licensed to participate in a quota hunt.

“We are especially pleased to bring hunters a new system this year that improves and streamlines the application process,” says John Bowers, chief of the Game Management Section with the Wildlife Resources Division.  “This system, which will debut on June 1, allows applicants to use their existing license purchase account – so there is no separate quota application system requiring customers to remember a different user name or password.”

Quota Hunt Deadlines

Application deadlines vary depending on the type of hunt:

  • July 31 for Alligator
  • August 15 for Dove, including Adult/Child and
  • September 1 for all types of Deer Hunts, including Adult/Child.

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Quota Hunt System Tips

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