Lake Allatoona Fishing Report by Robert Eidson (3-5-15)

Robert Eidson's First Bite Guide Service

Robert Eidson’s First Bite Guide Service

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Line Sides: Fair at Best!

The cold weather we had last week started a shad kill.  The kill seems to be minimal and with any luck maybe it will short-termed.

The fish seem to be on the move.  The big schools we were seeing on the south end two weeks ago are gone.

I have fished from the blockhouse to Little River this week.  The south end of the lake temperature was in the mid-40s.  That area was slightly stained and showing more signs of the kill than any other part of the lake.  The north end of the lake is also slightly stained, but I found water temperatures as high as 52-degrees.

Mid-lake (Bartow-Carver) the water temperature was 47-degrees and pretty clear, probably the best looking water on the lake.

I marked very few fish this week.  The bait is very high in the water column, so I expect the fish are too easily spooked.  Your best bet on catching fish right now is to pick a section of the lake, put out a full spread of boards, freelines and downlines and just cover water.

Spring is just around the corner and with spring comes Great fishing.

Call me and we’ll catch you some fish!

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