Winter Camping Deals at GA State Parks

Winter Camping Deals at GA State Parks

Save up to 50% on winter camping at GA State Parks

Bears hibernate during winter.  Yankees shovel snow.  Folks in Minnessoottaa go ice fishing, while others ski in the mountains or fish in Florida.  In Georgia, we snag the winter camping deals offered by our beautiful state parks.

Between December 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017, take a break from life and get a break on the cost of camping at a peaceful winter wonderland in Georgia.

Sunday through Thursday nights (which means not on Friday or Saturday nights) you can get a 50% discount on campsites and 25% off “glamping” yurts.

Please Note:  No, Penelope or Bambi might not consider sleeping in a yurt (short for “yurt”) all that glamorous.  Because it really isn’t glamorous, and she’d prefer to be vacationing in New York City overlooking Central Park and other chilly aspects of winter.  Given the chance, she would rather “go to shows” and spend more money for weensy dinners in snooty restaurants than poor folks pay for used cars.  Compared to sleeping naked and hungry in a snowy forest, and being stalked by ravenous wild animals, yurts are glamorous indeed.  Thank you.

You may choose from RV and tent sites with hot showers, or go “equestrian camping” with your horse.  Talk about an opportunity!  How often can a guy say, “Hey, baby!  Wanna go camping with me and my horse?”  Ahh, romance.

Winter Camping Deals

  • Use promo code WinterPromo16 booking online or via 1-800-864-7275.
  • Discounts are not valid at Crooked River, Skidaway, Reed Bingham, Fort McAllister and Laura S. Walker state parks.  Can be used at participating parks only.
  • Cannot be used with any other discounts or offers.
  • All other park rules & regulations apply.
  • Two-night minimum stay is required.
  • No, you can’t sleep with your horse in a yurt.