The Allatoona Wildlife Management Area

The Allatoona Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is federal property managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  This 6,818 acre property in Georgia’s Cherokee and Bartow counties  — on the northeastern end of Lake Allatoona — allows seasonal hunting for deer, bear, turkey, small game and waterfowl.  Go hiking, bird watching or throw stones in the lake with your kids.

All terrain vehicles (ATV) are not allowed on Allatoona WMA property.  Camping is not allowed.

In order to keep folks safe during the various hunting seasons, horse trails, bicycle trails and other areas are closed before 10:00 a.m. EST during all deer and turkey seasons.  These areas are closed all day on October 21-22.

There are no fees to access WMA preserves.  A license is required to hunt or fish.  There may be a fee to launch boats at US Army Corps of Engineers facilities.

There is no charge to hike, hug trees or simply enjoy the outdoors.

To better acquaint yourself with the Allatoona WMA, you may download a map of the area.

Click Here to Download the Allatoona WMA Map

Click Here for Allatoona WMA Hunting Dates & Regulations

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You are encouraged to report poachers.  You may do so anonymously by clicking on this link:

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For more information, call (706) 295-6041.