Sailing on Lake Allatoona

Plenty of lakefaring men and women love sailing on Lake Allatoona.  A few are also seafaring!

If you are a sailor and you’ve been on land too long, your heart will drive you to sing, “Sailing, sailing over the bounding main!”  If you’re not a sailor, having solid soil beneath your feet suits you just fine … and you probably wonder what the heck “over the bounding main” means.  If your captain has been in the grog and a plank is dangling off the deck, it’s better not to ask until you come back to shore.

If you do have questions about sailing on Lake Allatoona, here are some links that will lead you to clear sailing and safe harbors.

Atlanta Yacht Club

Atlanta Yacht Club on Lake Allatoona has been home to small-boat pleasure and racing sailors for over sixty years.   Membership in Atlanta Yacht Club is available to all persons with a sailboat or an interest in sailing although a preference is given to those interested in racing.  A prospective member must be sponsored and co-sponsored by two Club members, then interviewed by our membership committee and approved by the general membership.

South Winds Sailing Club

The home port of South Winds Sailing Club (SWSC) is at beautiful Lake Allatoona’s Harbor Town Marina (34°07’46N , 84°38’16W).  There are many marine services are available for you and your sailboats, including fuel docks, a bathhouse with showers, and sailboat slips of assorted widths and lengths to accommodate most sailboats.

Since 1981, SWSC has promoted nautical activities, sailing races, and good fellowship among its members and guests.  From raft ups, potlucks, special events, to handicap sailboat racing, SWSC is about enjoying the beauty of the lake, a little competition, family, friends, fun, and new adventures.

We welcome visitors at our various events.  You can even bring your boat and try a race or two.  We only ask that if you enjoy what we do, please become a member and support the club.

Windsong Sailing Academy

According to Windsong’s website, they will scuttle our junk if we copy any of their information here, even if it might benefit them.  To learn more about Windsong Sailing Academy, click the link above.  Thank you.