South Shore Park

Yes, portions of the TV series, Ozark, were filmed on and around Lake Allatoona.  No, the TV show, South Park, was never filmed at South Shore Park on Lake Allatoona.

South Shore Park ~ Photo by

South Shore Park is one of several outstanding locations cared for by the dedicated folks at Acworth City Parks and Recreation.

Come and hug a tree, get your toes wet in the lake, let your kids run around until they stop asking questions or read a book for a while … until somebody notices that you’ve escaped for a little while.

You might not have all 30-acres to yourself.  You will find plenty of space to walk, frolic or sit and read a book each day from 7 AM until 11 PM.  That ought to be enough time to unwind.

South Shore is a popular place to go fishing.  Just think!  If you catch enough fish, you might be able to open your own restaurant and become rich and famous!  But … that might mean you wouldn’t have enough time to fish.  Better keep it simple.

South Shore’s Amenities

  • Beach
  • Fishing areas

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