Aug 31 Aboard Firstbite…..

The top water bite this week has been off the charts.. And today was no exception.

Today I fished with Fritz and his two boys Zack and Jake.We started the day fishing live bait but that was short live. A round 8am the Hybrids and whites started busting the top like crazy. At times there was fish busting 50 yards wide. These fish where great to catch on ultra lights and the action was non stop all morning. Heck the bite was so good this morning I even got to catch a few……..Fritz’s thank you for letting me spend the morning with you and the boys. It was a plesure to get to know the three of you…..I still have Tuesday and Wednesday open this week. Give me a call at 770 827-6282 if you would like to get into some of this great top water action…

Here are a few I took before the rains came….