Nov 8 Aboard Firstbite ( Allatoona )

Today I fished with our very own cartersvillealex , Mark and Marks day Lynn. Alex has fished with me many times , but this was the first time I fished with Mark and Lynn. The early morning bite was very good but slowed down quickly as the sun came up. We ended the day with about 12-13 fish. The day was almost to pretty for fishing. The boat traffic from Saturday and Sunday had the fish scatter.

Alex as always it was great fishing with you. Mark and Lynn I really enjoyed fishing with the two of you. You guys are alot like Alex ( my son ) and myself. Not only are y’all father and son, y’all seem to been the best of friends. And really seem to enjoy every minute you guys get to spend together. Life don’t get know better……..

Guys we still have a few days open this week. Give me a call at 770 827-6282……