A Day of Dinosaurs and Accolades at Tellus Museum

A Day of Dinosaurs and Accolades

Dino building


Building the dinosaurs of Tellus

The Tellus Lecture Series continues Saturday, Sept. 12 at 7 pm with Mike Triebold of Triebold Paleontology, the company that cast and built many of the dinosaurs on display at Tellus.


From plaster to Plesiosaur, Triebold and his staff take each fossil and cast it so that the past can be preserved for generations to come. Triebold will talk about the techniques and obstacles in taking fossils millions of years old and creating casts that are nearly identical to the originals.


Free Admission to Tellus


Tellus is participating in National Museum Day on Saturday, Sept. 26. Admission is free WITH a special pass that can be downloaded here.
 *Planetarium shows are not included with the pass.