Flood of ’09 Damage Assessment Underway

Assessment crews have started work in Woodstock in Cherokee Clakeallatoonaflood10ounty where preliminary figures put the damage estimate there at $23 million where 52 businesses and 115 homes or apartment units have suffered major damage or have been destroyed completely.

Home and business owners have their hands full with the clean up as the waters recede leaving behind mud and even sewage. Some business around Noonday Creek saw water levels reach more than 4 feet off the ground in their stores. Noonday Creek reached a high water mark of 20 feet – 4 feet higher than the previous record of 16 feet set four years ago.

Businesses affected are looking to relocate to other branches or seek temporary space to continue operations while clean up continues – a process that could take several months.

Lake Allatoona is up more than 11 feet from Tuesday and is expected to peak at 856 feet, over 13 feet above normal summer full pool level. Outflow relief will not begin until late in the week after downstream river levels begin to recede.