A slow day on Carters. Should have fished Allatoona


Today I fished with Robbie Sr and Jr, Donnell Sr and Jr and Grandson – Nephew Preston. The objective of this trip was to get my new buddy Preston a wall hanger but to day just wasn’t the day. The day started off GREAT we didn’t have all of our lines in the water before we had a planner board take off like a rocket. But the leader broke on the hook set. And then a few minutes later we miss another good one then it got SLOW. After about 6 hours of pulling Trout and Umbrella rigs we got on a good school of spots and decided to finish our day spot fishing…The COE did not pull any water this weekend as a matter of fact they pump water back into the lake. And I think this had alot to do with the striper bite. This family was a true joy to fish with even with fishing being so slow I don’t think there was more then 5 minutes that past without someone laughing. The fellowship and the love that this family has one and another was just truly amazing. And I was honor to be a part of it for a day….