Crappie Spawning on Lake Allatoona

Jimmy Jacobs at the AJC has an article about fishing Allatoona this week:

"Right now crappie are in the midst of their annual spawn on nearby Lake Allatoona … During this rite, large schools of the fish move near shore to lay eggs around any wood debris in the water. That can be a downed tree, brush pile or boat dock.

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the angling on Allatoona remains good for the species. The average crappie caught from this lake weighs around half a pound. However, lunkers pushing the 2-pound mark regularly turn up as well.

Adult crappie feed almost exclusively on minnows. Many of the bait shops around the reservoir sell small “crappie minnows.” Dangling one beneath a cork near any wood in the water can lead to fast and easy action right now. The crappie spawn is a great time to take kids and novice anglers fishing.

Good places to start your search for crappie at Allatoona are in the Kellogg, Illinois or Stamp Creek arms of the impoundment. With more than two dozen parks and public boat ramps scattered around the lake, access to the fishery is excellent.


3.2: Weight in pounds of the largest verified crappie caught from Lake Allatoona. Darrell Baxter hooked the fish in May of 1994.

10: Length in inches of the average Lake Allatoona crappie, according to Georgia DNR."