Lake Allatoona Fishing Report Feb 16

This Lake Allatoona striper and hybrid fishing guides report has been brought to you exclusively by Robert Eidson of First Bite Guide Service, 770 827 6282. Lake Allatoona, Georgia email: [email protected]

Linesides fishing is starting to get better. And should return to normal by next week……I got to the lake this moring around 8am and spent 4 hours graphing from Kellogg’s to the Dam. The good new is the shad kill is ALMOST OVER. In the four hour I was on the pond I saw a total of 3 dying shad. And the bait is moving back up into the creek into warmer water. I threw the net a couple of times and was able to net some really nice Thread-fins. The bait was active and seems to be doing well in my tanks. I also found a great supply of Gizzard shad as well. Maybe this spring want be as bad as last spring went it comes to catching bait.

This is a very good sign the kill is close to and end. I sure I could have caught a few fish, but my intentions was just to get on the pond and check out where we stood with the shad kill. With the warmer weather they are calling for next week. I look for things to change quick and hopefully by this time next week. I will have a few pictures and video’s of some Toona fish……..