Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For April 27

This Lake Allatoona striper and hybrid fishing guides report has been brought to you exclusively by Robert Eidson of First Bite Guide Service, 770 827-6282 Lake Allatoona, Georgia email: [email protected]

Linesides: “The upriver bite is off the charts right now. You can catch 40 or 50 2- to 5-lb. hybrids a day up the Etowah from Knox Bridge to the ballparks in Canton. Small bait is the key to this bite. Go with medium shiners or threadfins. Fish right on the bottom. Cutbait and chicken livers will also work. If you don’t want to get into the boat traffic up the river, Allatoona Creek also has a decent amount of fish in it. I have been catching bigger stripers and hybrids in Allatoona Creek, but there is no where near as many fish as up the river. They are hitting a little bigger bait, gizzards and threadfins on freelines and planer boards, than upriver. Make sure you have some type of topwater ready when you get bit. Bring the fish up to the boat, but don’t land it. Four or five others will follow it up, and you can get a double or triple by being quick with a topwater bait. Robert likes an X-Rap in the bone color. The Trolling bite is dead. You best bet right now is live bait. The bite is getting better and better with each pasting day. If you would like to get into some of this great action give me a call at 770 827-6282 to book a trip….