Tree Stand Safety

Guide Gear® Deluxe Fixed Tree Stand

Every hunting season brings news of deaths and severe injuries from tree stand accidents.  According to Georgia Department of Natural Resources’s Hunter Development Program Manager Walter Lane tree stands comprise almost half of Georgia’s hunting-related incidents.

Though tree stands are generally safe, they can be improperly installed.  In addition, many hunters fail to wear and use a Fall-Arrest System/Full Body Safety Harness.

Every stand is different.  Make sure you are familiar with your model’s features, inspect your stand before hunting, replace any old or worn parts and always wear your safety harness.

“Whenever our rangers investigate a tree stand incident, they are asked: ‘What could have been done to avoid or prevent the incident?'” says Lane.

“The response is the same every time: ‘Wearing and properly using a Fall-Arrest System/Full Body Safety Harness.’ Every fall from a tree stand is preventable, if hunters would adhere to this safety rule.”

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