Robert Eidson’s Truck Robbed at Blockhouse Ramp

Our good friend Robert Eidson — who provides our weekly Lake Allatoona Fishing Report — had his truck broken into early Monday morning, July 9, 2012, at Blockhouse boat ramp on Lake Allatoona.

He was there at 4 AM to net bait, prior to taking clients fishing.  Robert spent about 45-minutes and was only 75-yards from his truck when, in his words:

“I looked up and noticed my dorm light was on and then seconds later it went off.  I just thought I didn’t shut the door all the way. When I returned to my truck, my doors were unlocked.

“My wallet, money $140 plus, Credit cards, CWL, and driver licences where all missing.  The money hurts and the cards and licences are going to be a pain to get replace, but what really gets me is losing my pictures of my family.

“I have been carried my son’s birth picture (the same one I got the day he came into this world ) with me since the day he was born. Now it is gone.  I am just sick about losing this picture. If any of you find it please give me a call. This picture means more to me than the money, the cards or the licences.”

Robert filed a police report and searched the area for his wallet and its contents.

Robert says, “All I want is that picture back.  Anyone finding and returning my wallet and that picture will recieve a half-day trip for four aboard my PERSONAL boat free of charge.”

You can reach Robert Eidson here:


That free half-day fishing trip with Robert is quite an incentive to help find his wallet and pictures.