Dodging Crazed Deer

It’s a wonderful day in the woods.

You can see Lake Allatoona sparkling through the trees.

You’re minding your own business with your pals.

When … you hear a twig snap.

You stop.

You wiggle your ears and your fluffy white tail.

Then you hold still and wait…

When you’re sure it was a false alarm and all is safe –BLAM!! — the shot rings out.

It’s Bambi!!!  Bambi’s down!!!

No time to save anyone but yourself.

You blast your way through the forest hopping faster than the stinky fat guy in the goofy outfit trying to catch you.  He’s running with his rifle, hoping he won’t break his neck jumping over logs and ducking branches.  You know he hasn’t moved this fast since the last time someone shouted, “Free Beer!”

You see a clearing.  You decide to get out of the woods and get away.

You pick up speed.  The Hunter is gasping for air … regretting that third chicken fried steak he had for breakfast.

You’re getting away!!!  All you have to do is cross the highway!


You become One With A Buick.

Game over, bucko.


Hunting season makes deer and other forest critters crazy.  All they want to do is survive, and maybe help save a few bucks for the future.

Who can’t relate to that?

Drivers, watch out for crazed forest creatures … and crazed non-forest creatures on motorcycles, please.

The life you save may be mine.

Thank you.

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