DNR Enforcement Report (December 9-15, 2012)


DNR Rangers ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

So, you spent time with “family” over the holidays.

Don’t worry.  Maybe you were adopted.

I know.  Your family makes the cast of Duck Dynasty look like England’s Royal Family.  (My favorite DD quote from Jase: “When you don’t know what you’re doing it’s best to do it quickly.”)

You probably need to believe your relatives are not the most — shall we say “unusual” — people in Georgia.  Who knows?  That might be true.

Especially if they didn’t make this week’s DNR Enforcement Report.

This week’s list includes:

  • Superficial wounds sustained in accidental shooting – Ware County
  • Multiple injuries sustained from ladder stand fall – Hancock County
  • Citation violations – several counties

The Law Enforcement Section of Wildlife Resources Division protects Georgia’s wildlife populations by enforcing laws, rules and regulations pertaining to game and nongame animals, threatened and endangered plants and animals, exotic animals, boating safety, litter and waste control and other natural resource issues.

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