Dock Permits Temporarily Suspended

The Allatoona Lake Army Corps of Engineers’ Chief Ranger of Recreation Linda Hartsfield confirmed with that Rangers have temporarily suspended evaluations of permit requests for new private docks, requests for upgrades to existing private docks, and proposed shoreline stabilization projects on Lake Allatoona.

Water safety is a higher priority during the busy summer season on Allatoona Lake (its official name).

Ranger Hartsfield understands that this might cause some unfortunate disruption with permits but she said, “Tell them no one’s going to come and take their dock away” if the suspension of permit evaluation causes a delay in a permit renewal, for example.

This does not mean, however, that docks do not need valid permits.  If you decide to build a deck that replicates the Taj Mahal … then say, “Ooops! I thought I didn’t need a permit!” you’re only going to end up with wood for a very expensive bonfire.

Corps Rangers expect to resume normal permit operations after Labor Day.

Contact Information

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Phone number for Allatoona Lake Project Management Office: 678-721-6700.