Wabbit … Sorry … Rabbit Hunting Season Opens

Yes, my armed friends, it’s time to bwast those wascally wabbits once again.

Rabbit hunting ranks high with small game hunters in Georgia and is a sport best enjoyed with family and friends.

The most enjoyable way to hunt rabbits is with a pack of rabbit dogs.  The most popular breed being the beagle.  Dogs are categorized two ways: “jump” dogs or a “chase dogs.”  Jump dogs are those with great noses that lend themselves to finding the rabbits.  Faster dogs are chase dogs that pursue rabbits and run them by alert hunters.

The best places to hunt are older fields that contain thick briar patches, clearcut areas, and young pines stands that still have thick understory cover of briars.  Improve your chances of getting a shot by safely spacing people around a field.  The key here being “safely” spacing hunters instead of having them empty their magazines at one another.

Rabbit hunting is a great way to introduce youth and novices to hunting, as it is an activity with a lot of movement and excitement.  Even on a slow day with few rabbits, hunters can enjoy being outside, walking around the fields and being with the dogs.

To find out more about rabbits and rabbit hunting, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division offers a “Hunt & Learn Rabbit” class.

Click Here for the GA DNR’s Rabbit Fact Sheet