Quail Hunting

Does Dan Quayle Hunt Quail?

The 2012-2013 forecast for Georgia’s quail hunting season around Lake Allatoona looks pretty good.  Unless, you’re a quail, of course.

There’s an abundance of Bobwhite across landscapes with large blocks of high-quality, early-succession habitat — or to put that into English … open grassy, weedy areas with scattered shrubs and brush.

“The quail population has shown a good winter carryover from the previous year and a strong hatch of new quail, which means more birds for this 2012-2013 hunting season,” says wildlife biologist James Tomberlin.

Observations by Tall Timbers Research Station, combined with Wildlife Resources Division surveys of select wildlife management areas and anecdotal reports, indicate increased populations from 2011, as much as 30% in some areas.

The milder winter weather, coupled with timely rainfall this past spring and summer, helped adult birds survive and created excellent nesting and brood-rearing conditions.

Georgia’s statewide quail season runs through February 28, 2013, with a daily bag limit of 12 birds per hunter.

Click Here for GA DNR’s Quail Hunting Info