Lake Lanier Ranger Shot Accidently?

Ranger Perry Wright

US Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Perry Wright

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, while performing his routine duties at the Lower Overlook area of Buford Dam Park, US Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Perry Wright was shot in the torso by a woman from Woodstock, GA, named Qiana Moore.

Ms. Moore apparently took her own life while sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot as Ranger Wright was closing the park.

Gwinnett County Public Information Officer Cpl. Jake Smith informed at 5:30 PM on July 1st of a stunning update in this case.

Detectives now believe that Ranger Wright was hit accidentally when Ms. Moore shot herself.

Evidently, the bullet which struck Park Ranger Wright is the same bullet that killed the suspect.

Additional evidence at the scene supports this theory, including the facts that only one shot was heard, and only one shell casing was found.

The following is from the family of Mr. Wright and is issued at their request:

Ranger Wright and his family wish to express their extreme gratitude to those that responded to the incident of Wednesday evening; the Gwinnett County Police Department, paramedics and first responders, and the citizens who stopped and provided assistance.  They are also overwhelmed with the number of messages they are receiving communicating concern, blessings, and wishes for a full recovery.

Ranger Wright is doing well in his recovery and expects to be discharged from the hospital sometime this week.  Although additional recovery time will be needed at home, he looks forward to returning to the job he loves and particularly interacting and teaching children about water safety.  As he is recovering, he often speaks of the joy it brings him to make a difference in these youngsters’ lives as he teaches them how to be safe around the water.

The family wishes to express their thanks and requests the media to allow them privacy for rest and recovery time.

We are thankful that Ranger Wright is recovering.

We also express our condolences to the friends and family of Qiana Moore.

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