$35k Grant to Georgia Hunters for the Hungry

Georgia Hunters for the Hungry Program

Georgia Hunters for the Hungry Program


On Friday, August 30, 2013, the Walmart Foundation (WF)provided a $35,000 grant to the Georgia Wildlife Federation through WF’s State Giving Program in order to assist with Georgia Hunters for the Hungry.

The money will be used in local communities to process more than 20,000 pounds of donated venison to be delivered to food banks throughout Georgia.

President and CEO of the Georgia Wildlife Federation Todd Holbrook said, “We are very excited that the Walmart Foundation decided to address the urgent need faced by families all over Georgia from food insecurity.  Their support of Georgia Hunters for the Hungry will provide more than 60,000 meals throughout the state this year.  This program exemplifies the best of our outdoor traditions in Georgia and we owe the Walmart Foundation a debt of gratitude for their focus on this growing problem.”

Walmart Senior Public Affairs Manager Glen Wilkins said, “At the Walmart Foundation, we understand that organizations such as the Georgia Wildlife Federation are essential to building stronger communities.  They share our values and are committed to helping those in need in the communities we serve.  Through this grant, we are hopeful that residents in this state will feel a positive effect, and through that effect our impact will be expanded.”

Georgia Hunters for the Hungry is a partnership between the Georgia Wildlife Federation (GWF), the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and the Georgia Food Bank Association. Started in 1993, the program allows Georgia sportsmen to donate harvested deer to Georgia food banks after being processed in state-inspected facilities. To date, Georgia sportsmen have donated more than 300,000 pounds of ground venison to food banks around the state. The program runs through hunting season, from September to February.

About the Georgia Wildlife Federation

Founded in 1936, the Georgia Wildlife Federation is the state’s oldest and largest member-supported conservation organization. GWF is dedicated to encouraging the intelligent management of Georgia’s natural resources, and promoting and encouraging the knowledge and appreciation of these resources. Georgia Wildlife Federation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization and the state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation. 

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Walmart Foundation’s State Giving Program

The Walmart Foundation’s State Giving Program supports organizations that create opportunities so people can live better, awarding grants that have a long-lasting, positive impact on communities across the U.S.

To be considered for support, perspective grantee organizations must submit applications through the Walmart Foundation State Giving Program’s online grant application.  Applicants must have a current 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in order to meet the program’s minimum eligibility criteria.  Additional information about the program’s funding guidelines and application process are available online at www.walmartfoundation.org/stategiving.

As part of Walmart’s $2 billion commitment to fight hunger through 2015, Walmart stores in Georgia donated 19,207,790 pounds of food, in fiscal year 2013, or the equivalent of 16 million meals. Additionally, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation gave $37,055,129 in fiscal year 2013 in Georgia alone.  For more information on Walmart’s and the Walmart Foundation’s fight against hunger, visit http://foundation.walmart.com/our-focus/hunger.