Tellus Science Museum: “How Your Camera Lies to You”

Spooky alien ~~ Photograph taken by Robert "I ain't skeered of no dang aliens" Sutherland

Spooky alien ~~ Photograph taken by Robert “I ain’t skeered of no dang aliens” Sutherland

People even more weird than your in-laws use cameras to deceive people into believing in Unidentified Flying Objects, Ghosts and that Justin Bieber is not from another planet far, far away.

Your friends at Cartersville’s Tellus Science Museum will give you the straight scoop during their Tellus Lecture Series: How Your Camera Lies to You: From UFOs to Ghosts on Friday, September 6, 2013 at 7 PM.

Supporters of the paranormal often use photographs as evidence for their claims, yet almost all are easily shown to be tricks and anomalies.

Astronomer, photographer and host of the podcast “Exposing Pseudo Astronomy” Stuart Robbins will address stories of UFO lights, faces on Mars, cities on the Moon and other claims.  Stuart will then offer an explanation for what we think we see.

Unless space aliens hiding in Lake Allatoona get really ticked off and teleport him to the planet Gorphnix, it should be a delightful time for all.

All lectures are free for members and included in the cost of museum admission for non-members.

Galleries will remain open until 9 PM.

For Members Only

  • Premiere of the planetarium show “To Space & Back” 5 – 9 PM.  Recommended for ages 6 and up. $2 per ticket.
  • Observatory open 5–10 PM, weather permitting.

Member Orientation

Learn about member benefits, enjoy light refreshments and get all of your questions answered at the Member Orientation from  6 – 6:45 PM.

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