Lake Allatoona Fishing Report (2-7-13)

eidson 7Robert Eidson’s Lake Allatoona Fishing Guide Report is provided by First Bite Guide Service of Lake Allatoona.  When you’re ready to catch stripers and hybrids, contact Robert at 770-827-6282 or by e-mail: [email protected].

Line sides fishing is Fair at best!!

The fishing this week is the same as last week’s.  I don’t expect anything to change until the water starts to clear.  But as long as we keep getting these mid-week rains, it may be weeks before we see clear water again.  The lake was stained from Little River all the way to Clear Creek.  Finding clear water is going to be the key.

The back of the creeks were holding fish earlier this week.  But with all the rain, I’m not sure if they will stick around with the rolling mud we will see.  Free-lines and planer boards in the morning and late afternoon in mid-southern end creeks will be your best bet until the main lake clears up.

There has also been a decent bite in the Allatoona Creek arm all the way to the Block House.  The numbers have been low, but we have caught a few decent stripers near Harbor Town.

After the sun comes up, switch to down-lines and ease your way out to the middle of the creeks.  As the water starts to clear (if it ever does) fishing should get better on the main lake.  We were by no means loading the boats before the rain, but the fish we are catching are good fish.

Trolling is still slow but is getting better.  The best time seems to be mid-day.  I have been pulling my rigs at 2.4 – 3.3 mph about 100 feet behind the boat.  The trolling bite is just around the corner.  I really think once the lake clears, the trolling bite will get as good as the live-bait bite.

The top water bite was close to breaking loose before we got all the rain.  I look for it to return as the lake starts to clear.

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