Lake Allatoona Fishing Report (8-7-13)

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Robert Eidson’s Lake Allatoona Fishing Guide Report is provided by First Bite Guide Service of Lake Allatoona.  When you’re ready to catch stripers and hybrids, contact Robert at 770-827-6282 or by e-mail: [email protected].

Line-side fishing is fair.

They are scattered up and down the water column.  This makes catching big numbers tough.  You can be pulling your bait right on the edge of the river channel and mark a school at 30 feet.  By the time you get your baits down, they are gone.  Then another school comes on your screen it may be at 12 feet and then another at 24 feet.  This wouldn’t be so bad, if they would come up to eat.  But they want the bait right in their face right now.

When this happens, put four down-rods out:

  • one at 12 feet
  • one at 18 feet
  • one at 24 feet and
  • another one at 30 feet.

You will not double up very often, but you will hook up on at least one when these schools pass under the boat.

Flat lines are also working early morning and late afternoon.  The south end of the lake is the best from Clear Creek to the dam.

Topwater has been hit or miss.  One morning they will come up in good numbers.  Then the next morning you may not see a single fish bust the top.  Hopefully it will get more consistent in the new few weeks.

Live it up.  Go fishing and bring the family!

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