Lake Allatoona Fishing Report (10-10-13)

First Bite Guide Service

First Bite Guide Service

Line-Side: Fishing is getting Better.

The bite this week has been decent to good.  The fish are starting to school back up and are willing to eat.  We caught most of our fish this week down-lining shad off of main lake points and humps.

We also caught some decent fish 1/3 of the way back in the major creeks: Kelloggs, Stamp and Illinois.  Most of these schools are 15-24 feet deep and want the bait right on their nose.

Thread fins are out fishing Gizzard, but not by much.  The dissolved oxygen level is very low right now.  Bait is dying quickly on a hook, so be sure to carry plenty of bait with you and change it often.

Topwater!!  Sporadic at best.  There are small schools coming up all over the lake.  But they don’t stay up long.  And unless they coming up in casting distance it’s just isn’t worth chasing them.

Trolling is decent right now.  U Rigs are working best and color doesn’t seem to matter.  We are running our rigs 100 feet behind the boat at speeds between 2.4–3.1 MPH.

Guys, remember most of the ramps are closed right now on Allatoona.  But we do still have a few open:  Little River, Gatewood and Redtop.  Be sure to get there early.  Parking spots fill up fast on the weekends.

We still have plenty of openings for Thanksgiving break.  Call today and book your family outing.  My number is 770-827-6282.

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