Frog’s Greatest Hits CD Released

frog cd

You’ve heard of the Trogs … The Beatles … The Byrds … Phish … The Eagles and The Animals, so why not grab the latest CD from the frogs.

You’ll love their rendition of “Roe, Roe, Roe Your Boat.”

Yes, this masterpiece contains all the top hits of Georgia’s frogs!

See if you can hear Sittin’ on the dock of the bay and I need-eep you — as you’ve never heard them before.

Order now and this CD will teach you the difference between a plain peep and a creepy croak … in just minutes a day!

Produced by DNR’s Nongame Conservation Section — with a grant from the nongame friends group: TERN — “Calls of the Wild: Vocalizations of Georgia’s Frogs” is perfect for getting you-know-who “in the mood” on sultry summer nights in the big city.  Elsa Mae will think she’s back on the edge of the swamp in your sweaty arms.  The rest is up to you, Bubba.

Wait!  There’s more!

“Calls of the Wild” explores the fascinating sounds and life histories of the 32 frog and toad species found in Georgia.

First released in 2003, the frog CD has been revised to include the discovery (in coastal Georgia) of invasive Cuban treefrogs.  They have the cutest accents!

And that’s not all!!!

An expanded booklet of species profiles — with color photographs, new range maps and more details — is included at no extra charge!

What’s the best way to gain “insight into native and non-native frogs in the state”?  The narratives and recorded calls on this CD, of course.

But, wait!  There’s even more!!!

There’s also more than 20 minutes of mixed-species choruses that can serve as soothing natural background music or a stiff test of your frog ID skills.

It’s all frogs gone wild with those mixed-species choruses!  You’ll think you’re hearing your in-laws singing at your spouse’s family reunion all over again.

Senior Wildlife Biologist John Jensen said that learning about Georgia’s frogs, their calls and calling behavior, “allows people to better appreciate the sounds around them.”

As with birding, wildlife observers often find an animal by first hearing it. “If you’re hoping to see a bird-voiced treefrog,” Jensen said, “you better know what it sounds like. (Click Here to Listen!)

In no time at all you’ll know right away the retching sounds that caught your ear are from your friendly neighborhood eastern spadefoot toads.

Not available in any store.  Sorry, gift wrapping is not available.

CD Insights

  • From green treefrogs to bullfrogs, nearly all “Calls of the Wild” recordings were made by frog expert Walter Knapp.
  • Terry W. Johnson, TERN executive director and former nongame program manager, narrated the CD.
  • “Calls of the Wild” not only raises awareness of Georgia’s frogs, it helps prep volunteers for projects such as the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program.
  • NAAMP is an international study investigating the distribution and relative abundance of amphibians across the continent.
  • Volunteers monitor local listening routes three times a year. The second monitoring period runs through April 30.

Order Your Copy

  • “Calls of the Wild” retail for $14.84, with shipping, tax and handling included — add hand sanitizer to your order for $49.95, plus shipping and handling.  (The breakdown is $11.45 for the CD, $.80 in sales tax (Georgia residents only!) and $2.59 for shipping and handling.)
  • Complete and mail this order form.
  • For wholesale orders, or credit card orders by phone, please call (478) 994-1438.

Proceeds go to the Wildlife Conservation Fund, which supports the Nongame Conservation Section’s work to conserve rare and other Georgia nongame wildlife, native plants and natural habitats.

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