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Bird Watching at Lake Allatoona

Visible Rails in the Wild ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Birding at Lake Allatoona — also known as bird watching — is thought to be a sport for geeks who aren’t coordinated enough to play video games.  Nonsense!  May the pileated woodpecker of paradise peck the wood of those who know so little about the thrill of birding. Bird watching is far less boring than watching men […]

Atlanta’s Peregrine Falcon Cam

Did you hear the news about the falcon cam?

Some Falcons can fly on the ground, but only peregrine falcons can soar over Atlanta’s skyline. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources camera is streaming live video of a pair of peregrine falcons nesting atop SunTrust Plaza Tower. Although the adults switched nest sites this spring, delaying the project, viewers can now watch as the raptors […]

Race 4 Birds Foundation Promotes Youth Birding


The Race 4 Birds Foundation — a non-profit organization formed to promote birding (birdwatching) competitions for young people nationwide — is spreading its wings.  First inspired by the Georgia Youth Birding Competition launched in 2006 by biologist Tim Keyes, this new group hopes to see birding take flight all across America. Birding competitions are based on the number […]

National Trails Day Celebration at Red Top Mountain

National Trails Day is Saturday, June 7, 2014

The American Hiking Society (AHS) would like you to take a hike on Saturday, June 6, 2014, and they’d like you to take everybody you know along with you. That’s because the first Saturday in June is designated as National Trails Day, when the AHS hopes you’ll discover new ways to enjoy the outdoors. Taking part […]

May 2014 ~ GA State Park & Historic Sites Events

Come to Georgia's State Parks & Historic Sites for marvelous times in May.

The State of Georgia is one big glorious park with hundreds of little parks within. During the month of May, Georgia’s State Parks & Historic Sites will burst with activity. Kayak tours, Memorial Day events, guided hikes, birding, swamp tours and more outdoor fun is now posted on the May calendar from Georgia’s State Parks. Grab […]

Youth Birding Competition Sets New Record

This yellow-rumped warbler drawn and painted by Decatur’s Angus Pritchard won the Grand Prize.

Georgia’s Youth Birding Competition was held Friday and Saturday, April 26 & 27, around our wonderful state.  Young birders soared to new records for bird species seen or heard, from accipiters to woodpeckers. Twenty-four teams from primary to high school ages scoured the state for birds during the 24-hour contest held by the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division. Eight teams […]

Youth Birding Competition T-Shirt Contest Winners

Red-bellied Woodpecker by Sophia Bobo

Four young artists are winners of the T-Shirt Art Contest in Georgia’s Youth Birding Competition, according to Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources. Art contest coordinator Linda May praised participants and stressed that the focus “isn’t just about art.” “It’s about getting kids interested in the outdoors and connected to the environment,” said May, environmental outreach coordinator […]

DNR Law Enforcement Report (4-7-14)

DNR Law Enforcement Division ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Spring is here, but “bad guys” don’t take time off to celebrate the change of seasons. Thankfully, neither do Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources’ Law Enforcement Division Rangers.  They’re there when we need them most … and they’re there when lawbreakers wish they weren’t. The latest violations in the Law Enforcement Report include: Illegal artifact collection […]