DNR Law Enforcement Report (2-2-13)

GA Wildlife

I have no idea which parts of alligators are illegal to possess, and I do not want to know.  Do you?

We have Rangers from the Wildlife Resource Division of the Department of Natural Resources to do that stuff for us.  Good thing.

The latest Law Enforcement Report proves that Rangers are enforcing the law:

  • Illegal possession of alligator parts – Jones County
  • Tornado aftermath response – Bartow County, Gordon County
  • Violation citations – several counties


We are very thankful to all the Rangers who selflessly served those struck by the tornadoes in Northwest Georgia.

The Law Enforcement Section of Wildlife Resources Division protects Georgia’s wildlife populations by enforcing laws, rules and regulations pertaining to game and nongame animals, threatened and endangered plants and animals, exotic animals, boating safety, litter and waste control, and other natural resource issues.

In addition, conservation rangers:

  • administer the state’s hunter education and boating safety programs;
  • investigate violations of wildlife laws as well as hunting and boating incidents; and
  • conduct classes and programs to educate citizens about wildlife laws and safety practices.


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