DNR Law Enforcement Report (4-13-13)

GA WildlifeYou’re probably a nice person.  You brush your teeth and say “Thank you” to strangers.

But that wouldn’t be enough for me to go out alone into the semi-wilderness to face down hunters — loaded with ammo or whatever else they’re loaded with or on — for you.

Somebody has to be a ranger.  I’m just glad it isn’t me.

Here are a few highlights from their recent Law Enforcement Report:

  • Hen turkey killed – Bartow County
  • Possession of firearm by a convicted felon, hunting deer out of season – Union County
  • Violation citations – several counties

The Wildlife Resource Division protects Georgia’s wildlife by enforcing laws, rules and regulations pertaining to:

  • game and nongame animals
  • threatened and endangered plants and animals
  • exotic animals
  • boating safety
  • litter and waste control
  • and other natural resource issues.

We appreciate DNR’s efforts to keep the wild outdoors as tame as possible.

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